Nishi-Nippon Financi report

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Full financial report of Nishi-Nippon Financi

   JPY per share 
 Price  1,315.00
 Dividend  24.99
 Earnings  142.93
 Cash-flow  118.47
 Book value  3,287.50
 Equity  3,107.17

Nishi-Nippon Financi is a company from Japan specialized in Banks sector, which is part of Financials industry. Nishi-Nippon Financi shares are publicly traded at Japan stock exchange.

On the date of this report, Nishi-Nippon Financi shares trade at 1,315.00 JPY after sky roketing a 23.80% last year.

The equity of Nishi-Nippon Financi is composed by 156 million shares. The company has a free float of 99.2% from total capizatilation. Finally, Nishi-Nippon Financi capitalizacion (equity market value) is 205,140 million JPY.

Some of the main competitors of Nishi-Nippon Financi within the Banks sector are: Bank Rakyat Indonesi, Deutsche Bank, China Everbright Ban, Keiyo Bank, Hyakugo Bank, Taiwan Cooperative F, Indstrl & Comm BOC H, Bank Millennium, Industrial Bk of Kor, First Gulf Bank/Unit, TMB Bank, Jyske Bank, ...

   PER   P/BV   P/CF   ROE   Div.Y   Payout 
Nishi-Nippon Financi 9.20 0.40 11.10 4.60% 1.90% 17.48%
Global 18.17 3.21 12.84 15.54% 2.53% 38.58%
Japan 20.00 2.41 12.75 10.89% 1.69% 29.31%
Financials 15.04 1.93 9.94 12.31% 3.24% 44.90%
Banks 12.65 1.32 6.83 10.51% 3.14% 37.01%

Next, we analize Nishi-Nippon Financi financial situation on the basis of accounting information from Mar 17. We will compare several multipliers and ratios of Nishi-Nippon Financi with the average of the world, other companies from Japan, its industry "Financials", and finally in its sector "Financials". That way we can know if the company is over or undervalued.

Finally, last month performance of Nishi-Nippon Financi shows a 6.60% return compared to a 2.15% of the hole stock market. Over the last year, the company has performed a 23.80% versus a market return of a 12.59%.

The following graph compares the performance of Nishi-Nippon Financi with the return obtained by Japan, Financials and Banks companies, both for last month and last year. Here can be appreciated that Nishi-Nippon Financi has obtained a lower return than both the market and other firms of the Financials industry, which have obtained a return of 12.59% and 10.53% respectevely.

Nishi-Nippon Financi compared stock return

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